Who's up / Who's down

Doug Lindstrand / www.douglindstrand.com

UP - Andree McLeod: Frank Bailey's fine is sweet vindication for Palin nemesis. And now she has a new trove of emails to sift.

DOWN - Andree McLeod: As of Friday, she was still trying to get her copy of that last batch of Palin emails (see "Letter of the Week" below). Parnell folks weren't holding out on her, were they? Nah...

EVEN - Frank Bailey: Blind allegiance is costly, but the story on civil fines may help book sales.

DOWN - Palinistas: Portrayal of Sarah in HBO's "Game Change" has loyalists up in arms, even if they've only seen the trailer. Were they expecting a puff piece?

UP - Local birders: Strange gathering of owls in West Anchorage ... Could these be the Guardians? Yawp!

EVEN - Wasilla High sculpture: One Percent for Art work gets plenty of attention, then goes under wraps. Even veiled, it's doing one of art's jobs -- stir things up.

UP - Anchorage residents and company: Fur Rondy, once on the ropes, is back in force. Time to go to the dogs, the reindeer and out to dinner.