Letters to the editor (7/4/12)

Animal Control rules aren't fair

June 28th I was walking my two 6-pound Yorkies on a leash in my neighborhood. I was walking east on Arlene St. when I heard a girl running west, yell "Zoe;" because this was also my dog's name, my attention was averted. I then looked down the street and saw two loose pit bulls running toward us.

I tried pulling my dogs up into my arms, but, Zoe, a brown and white female pit bull grabbed my male by the chest, clamped down on him, crushed his ribs, and shook him to death. She then grabbed my female by the head and began shaking her.

The girl now had the pit bull by the neck but she still wouldn't let go. I grabbed my shoe and frantically pounded the dog on the head. When she finally dropped my Zoe, there on the lawn were two bloody motionless Yorkies.

My Zoe is at PET recovering. The perpetrator is alive and well. Ask Animal Control about their rules!

-- Kathryn Zins


Batons offer cops a compromise

A police officer not equipped with a baton may be forced to choose between two extremes in responding to criminal assault: bare hands or firearms. Thus, the baton fills an intermediate role in the weapons available to peace officers, and gives flexibility to defend against physical attack proportionately.

-- Kevin Ivie