Who's up / Who's down

DOWN -- Summer lovers: To date, it's the coldest July on record in Anchorage. No kings and no sun. We must not be living right.

UP -- Alaska: Economist Scott Goldsmith counts $170 billion in oil revenue over 35 years. Real money. Have we spent it well?

EVEN -- Alaska candidates: Ethics committee says you can sign a pre-election pledge for love but not for money. No dollar signs on the quid pro quo.

UP -- Rep. Don Young: Another $118,000 in latest campaign contribution report, more than a half million in the bank and opponents scratching for pennies. Congressman for life indeed.

EVEN -- Attorney Nelson Traverso: Convicted militia leader Schaeffer Cox fires him. Maybe that's an up.

DOWN -- Barbara Bachmeier: Residency ruling gets her tossed from primary ballot for state House. Shoot, a lot of Alaskans have lived in their trucks.

UP -- Dipnetters: Kenai opens and the reds are in. If the sun breaks through, that's both a day at the beach and a freezer filler.

UP -- Unnamed oil consultant: Gov is shopping for guidance, has 400-700 grand to offer. If nothing else, that should buy intelligent answers to senators' questions.

DOWN -- Old downtown Brown cabin: Little red relic with a white cross is on endangered properties list unless rescue is forthcoming. Maybe there's an old prayer tucked between the logs waiting for an answer.

UP -- Cook Inlet oil prospects: It's not the North Slope but according to one company, Inlet is far from played out. Now, if that could translate to lower gas prices ...