Vehicle hits building at Native Medical Center complex

Casey Grove
An SUV traveling east on Tudor Road crossed the median, went through oncoming traffic and crashed into the side of the Anchorage Native Primary Care Center on Tuesday afternoon. The woman driving and two children in the vehicle were taken to a nearby emergency room.
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First responders work to stabilize a child for transport at the scene of the accident. The center was evacuated after the fire alarm went off. The crash broke the fire sprinkler system and water flooded the lower floor. See more pictures from the scene at
Bob Hallinen

A vehicle slammed into a building in the Alaska Native Medical Center complex off Tudor Road on Tuesday, causing an evacuation, according to center staff.

Reportedly suffering a seizure, a woman driving the vehicle lost control, careened through oncoming traffic, past trees and across grass before hitting a wall of Anchorage Native Primary Care Center on Diplomacy Drive, according to Doug Eby, a center spokesman.

A woman and two children in the vehicle were injured, a fire department spokesman said. The three were taken to a nearby emergency room still conscious, Eby said.

The collision created a "big, gaping hole" in the wall of an empty conference room and smashed a window, Eby said. It also caused alarms and sprinklers in the building to go off, he said.

The building was evacuated, but reports of a gas leak were false, Eby said.

"The car hit the building at a high rate of speed, so it's pretty smashed up, so there were concerns about gas in the immediate vicinity and that sort of thing. But that's it," Eby said.

Police said the cause of the crash is under investigation and have not released the driver's name.

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Photos: ANMC accident
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