Letter: Council’s opinion not the only one

According to a Daily News story of Oct. 31, Larry Cohn, executive director of the Alaska Judicial Council, is “appalled” by social conservatives urging people to vote against a prominent long-time Anchorage judge in the upcoming election. I have no beef with any judge, nor am I a social conservative, but apparently Cohn does not think it is OK for anyone to express an opinion that goes against the opinion of the council.

Cohn further states that “politics are supposed to be removed from the process.”

I am aware that the council receives funds to advertise its recommendations but what Cohn is doing is more akin to campaigning. These judges are appointed by governors — politics, maybe more appropriately called the “good old boy” system perpetuated by the judicial council. Shame on us if we don’t buy the recommendation of the council.

We should ignore the power of suggestion offered by the judicial council and vote all judges out after one term.

— Mark Enyeart