Letter: Political activities don’t bear any resemblance to Allen’s

In response to “J. Royall Smith” (Nov. 10) criticizing my employer, Associated Service Companies International (ASCI), by saying we conjure “memories of Veco,” I would like to flag a few glaring errors. 

ASCI did not funnel funds from anyone into political races.  I personally set up an Independent Expenditure group under the rules of the Alaska Public Offices Commission, raised funds for it and reported every dime transparently and lawfully. That’s why ADN reporter Rich Mauer was able to write his original article-with-an-angle. 

My political activities bear not the faintest resemblance to those of Bill Allen. For starters, mine are legal and appropriate. Also, I am not a lobbyist and spend little to no time in Juneau. Finally, my interests stem from a long background in business and economic development. I am concerned not only about oil and gas, but about mining, tourism, transportation and responsible state spending policy — in short, sustainable economic health. 

Speaking of transparency, “J. Royall Smith,” your letter writer, typically goes by Jedediah (“Jed”) Smith and he is legislative liaison with The Alaska Center for the Environment. 

— Scott Hawkins,

 president, Associated Service Companies International