Letter: Kantner is a young curmudgeon

As a born and bred Alaskan expat who has lived extensively in both the Bush and the city, reading “Seth Kantner: Boston too much for Alaskan to bear” left me puzzled.

If you can’t leave Selawik without your bear fat, why are you leaving Selawik? On top of that, why is ADN using valuable ink and paper for what is basically someone complaining about their vacation? Mr. Kantner appears to be, even at his young age, a closed-minded Alaskan curmudgeon who is teaching his daughter and ADN readers that trying and seeing new things is uninteresting and burdensome.

I’m sorry, Mr. Kantner, I have no sympathy for you. Next time, send me to Boston. I would love to go.

— Mandara Nott