Letter: Languishing? Hardly; UAA athletics program is on a roll

I’m responding to a Nov. 22 letter, “Under Cobb’s direction UAA athletics languish.” 

I’ve been watching UAA athletics for 40 years and I’ve never seen the program more athletically accomplished, academically successful and competitively enthusiastic.

Over 300 schools compete in NCAA Division II. Just last week the UAA cross-country men’s team won third in the nation and the women finished sixth. The UAA women’s basketball team recently had the longest current winning streak in the top 25 in the nation and they’ve won three conference titles over the past four years. The men’s basketball team, volleyball team, ski team and the track and field teams all earn NCAA berths on a regular basis.

Every year the Great Northwest Athletic Conference selects the best coaches and players in each conference sport. Last year UAA students or coaches won every single award. That’s never been done before.

Add to all that the excellent academic achievement of UAA’s student athletes and the unusually strong camaraderie on display at every event and I’d say UAA athletics hasn’t languished; it’s flourished under Dr. Cobb. 

— Rick Mystrom