Letter: Letter writer's assumptions are warped view of LDS values

In response to the letter dated Nov. 22  stating that “the Republican party nominated a presidential candidate whose core religious beliefs stand as a direct threat to the civil liberties of half the country’s population: women”:

Isn’t it presumptuous to speak for half the population of the U.S.? What “core religious beliefs” are you assuming? Pro-life? Birth control? Suppression of women? As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, my parents taught my sister and me the LDS (Mormon) values of obtaining a higher education, contributing to our community through volunteerism, to value life in and out of the womb, and to serve in leadership positions within and outside the church. The beliefs I was taught and the life I have lived reflect more on the truth of LDS convictions and hopefully dispel uneducated assumptions.

— Debbie Williams