Letter: Fall over tax cliff will end in pain

Grasp hands and prepare to go over the cliff like Thelma and Louise. The tax cliff, that is. Unlike the instant death and end of the pain that Thelma and Louise must have experienced at the end of their fall, we are going to have to live with this hurt for a long time.

Because America voted to give Obama a second term, knowing how much the Democrats want to increase tax rates on everyone —  and don’t kid yourself into believing that they really only want to raise taxes on the rich; all us federal-tax-paying individuals will be writing a much larger check starting April 2014. I am sure this makes many people happy. I have a close relative who naively believes that EVERYONE should pay higher taxes. He has the “everyone” part right. Everyone should pay federal taxes regardless of incomes. Everyone should pay for the services that they use. Well, since you Democrats voted for Obama, you get what you deserve. A much higher tax rate. I hope it hurts.

— Eric Olenick