Letter: Gun control isn’t an attempt to do away with all firearms

The NRA seems to equate any measure of gun control with an attempt to ban guns. That makes as much sense as saying setting speed limits and requiring the use of headlights on cars is an attempt to ban driving. 

Congressman Don Young is an avid hunter. He knows he can’t use an AK-47 with 30 rounds in its magazine to hunt moose. When he hunts ducks, he can only have two shells in the magazine and one in the chamber. Since when is reloading a big deal for hunters? Why can gun owners accept hunting regulations and not accept restrictions on the number of rounds in the chamber of a weapon a person can legally carry on the streets?

It’s time to educate the NRA and Congress that this isn’t an attempt to ban guns. If they’d step up to the plate and get reasonable, it would make them the good guys in America, not supporters of unending terrorism. Even if one life was saved, wouldn’t it be worth it?

— Don Cornelius