Letter: ‘The broader the comment, the narrower the mind’

I read Grant Hunter’s letter “Tragedy tied to gun control (Jan. 1)” and was stunned at his assertion that the blood of the victims of the Connecticut shooting is on the hands of gun-control advocates.

Not all gun-control advocates nor gun-rights advocates are alike. I am a military-trained gun owner who learned the purpose of a weapon and how to properly use it. You cannot know that trained shooters at schools would have prevented the tragedy. It could have made things worse. Using your logic, I know that banning military-type weapons and high-capacity magazines would have prevented the tragedy.

The only thing we do know is that it is time for an adult conversation on meaningful gun policies, not ideology based on misguided self-interest. Shame on him for laying innocent blood on the hands of gun control advocates. Why not blame gun-rights advocates who believe they can own anything and hide behind a misunderstanding of the Second Amendment? Mr. Hunter reminds me of the saying, “The broader the comment, the narrower the mind.”

— Stan Pitts