Letter: Family grateful for all the help

My husband, Glenn, was diagnosed with ALS August 2011 and by Thanksgiving 2011 he was bed bound, requiring respiratory support. Glenn’s employer, Unique Machine, provided our family with unwavering support. After Glenn’s death, we were not forgotten by this company that generously provided Christmas for the third year for our family.

I am employed by Alaska Heart Institute and appreciate the people of this great organization for their support throughout this ordeal. Our family from Chapel of the Cross made themselves available constantly — shoveling our driveway, preparing meals and so much more.

Power outages truly were a state of emergency because of the equipment necessary to support Glenn’s breathing. Neighbors came to our rescue with generator in hand. Dr. David Richey spent hours trying to improve communication with Glenn and provide backup power sources. Some came with musical instruments which were soothing and others drove down the hillside in treacherous conditions to bring food.

We will be forever grateful to each person for their efforts in supporting us through such a devastating illness. 

— Toni Norris