Letter: Pay no attention to the experts

Listen to the “experts.” They will provide revealing insights into any issue, and help guide your thinking. Handwriting “experts” have revealed the significance of Treasury Secretary-designate Jack Lew’s signature — you know the drunken slinky-like scrawl most associated with doctors.

“He’s an original thinker who speaks his mind, and doesn’t care what others think of him.”

“It is easily and efficiently produced being made of nothing more than a chain of clockwise spirals.”

“He is a highly efficient and short-cut type thinker, a person who always seeks to find the easiest way to achieve his goals.”

“The illegibility of the signature interprets to a person who has an eccentric personality who doesn’t concern himself with how others perceive him.”

“Overall an intelligent, eccentric, introverted individual who is far more concerned about his thoughts and goals than relationships.”

Wow! These people don’t know Jack Lew from Adam’s house cat, but they really have him pegged — what a wonderful choice! These are the type of “experts” who selected John Edwards and Bill Clinton as father of the year.

— Chuck Orr