Letter: Why not take guns from men?

In a conversation with a friend earlier this week, she said, “Since most gun violence is caused by men, maybe we should make it illegal for any man to own a gun.”   At first I thought, naw, wouldn’t work; but now I’m wondering... why not?  After all, when was the last time you heard about a woman using a gun to kill one person or many?  Aren’t men responsible for 99 percent (or at least 95 percent) of gun violence?  Maybe this could work!

Then I remembered, what about law enforcement males?  Maybe they should be the only ones with guns.  No, that wouldn’t work, either — what about that LA police officer who went berserk?  I think this could make a good Hollywood movie.  “Women fed up, take over guns!”  Wasn’t there a film about a town of women going on strike and refusing to do housework, etc., because their husbands didn’t do anything?

This may seem bizarre, but I recall reading that women are generally better negotiators than men and less likely to engage in impulsive behavior, so why not? 

— Barbara Baum