Letter: ALEC lobby influences spread of municipal attack on unions

Mayor Dan Sullivan might say weakening city unions isn’t another Wisconsin but it is acknowledged that ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) influenced the Wisconsin legislation, and now 23 states are trying to alter collective bargaining. 

What is ALEC? There are two views: ALEC is “…a corporate bill mill funded mostly by corporate lobbyists and special interests who vote with elected officials to approve ‘model’ bills.” Those bills are then taken to a member’s state legislature as his or her own. Municipalities are known to be influenced too.

ALEC’s website claims it is “the nation’s largest, non-partisan individual public-private membership association of state legislators.” Nonpartisan? Corporations fund almost all of ALEC’s operations, and members in all 50 states are Republicans with only a handful of Democrats. All but two of the 24 Board of Trustee positions are filled by Republicans. 

Sounds a lot like a corporate wish list process supported by GOP legislators. A private American legislature is a scary specter for democracy.

— C.J. Shay