Letter: Public funding of private schools won’t solve education problems

When I hear people complaining about having to pay for private school it really annoys me. We pay property taxes to the city to help provide a basic education to every child, We own the schools and the equipment in those schools. Every child that is enrolled in one of our schools reduces the cost per pupil to the taxpayer. If we start paying for private school we will be taxing ourselves to enrich our competitors. That is not a good idea. 

Paying a parent to send a kid to private school because they do not like public school is like buying a car for someone because they don’t like riding the bus. We provide service to anyone who wants to ride; and if you don’t like it you walk or buy a car but don’t expect taxpayers to pay for it. If the schools we own are not good enough we need to fix them and quit playing around with goofy political ideology that does nothing to solve the problem.

— Ulla Azeltine


Anchorage Daily News