Letter: Other things are more offensive

Let me see if I understand the derogatory nature of Rep. Young’s remark. Was he referring to the wetbacks who come here to earn a bunch of greenbacks to send back to the drybacks who live in the outback of their country back home? Gosh, all this back talk gives me a terrible backache, so I better go back to the pool and swim the backstroke in my dry suit so I won’t offend anyone who sees my wet back. Spare me the backlash!

If the star of political correctness is the only light by which we navigate our nation, ideals and perspectives, we are doomed to become that Ship of Fools drifting endlessly in the Sea of Stupidity. Our glimmer in this world will disappear with the waning sun because we can no longer tolerate ourselves and choose to self-implode.

Nuclear terrorism, Islamic fascism, dwindling economic activities and political party opportunism are far more offensive than some offhand remark by Mr. Young.

— John Jones