Lord of the Wings, Division II: Dry-rub hot wings

Kevin Powell

While the Division I wings, the traditional-style that make up our main bracket, fill the seats and get all the publicity and cheerleaders, my Division II wings pack just as much flavor and are just as exciting to eat. Rather than coating some drummies or wings with a wet spicy sauce, the Division II wings utilize a combination of ground spices that, in my opinion, pack them with flavor, make them much tastier and better in crunch time than the traditional wings.

My field was smaller as only four of the eight Division I contenders -- Peanut Farm, Buffalo Wild Wings, Hood Wings and Wild Wings 'n Things -- offered dry rub options on their menus. Since dry rubs are popular in Cajun cooking, it's no wonder that three of the four rubs were listed as Cajun dry seasoning, with Buffalo Wild Wings' Buffalo seasoning as the odd man out.



Buffalo Wild Wings vs. Wild Wings 'n Things

This was a close one, both rubs had a nice balance of spices, but BWW's hot kick was a three pointer at the buzzer.

Winner: Buffalo Wild Wings

Peanut Farm vs. Hood Wings

The Hood Wings started fast and had some good flavors but the Farm's potent combo of spices was too much to overcome.

Winner: Peanut Farm



Buffalo Wild Wings vs. Peanut Farm

BWW's spicy buffalo rub was a formidable foe (try it on one of their burgers sometime), but in the end, the balance and overall quality of the local team was hard to beat.

Winner: Peanut Farm


Division III?

If you truly want to change the game, try Peanut Farm's Pork Wild Wings. These pork shanks can be dressed up with one of 12 different sauces or rubs, and although the size of chicken wings allows a higher sauce-to-meat ratio, the pork was tender and had more meat with less work.



By Kevin Powell