Letter: Rabble-rousing not helpful

I was glad Kenneth Baitsholts responded to Charles Krauthammer’s column so I didn’t feel I had to, but Jim Lieb’s retort letter needs a comment. Krauthammer sometimes makes good points; however, concerning Palestine/Israel, he serves mostly as a rabble-rouser, playing on people’s limited, static and biased knowledge. If his goal is to deter peaceful positive discussion, he does well. But that’s not helpful, nor is it truthful.

Thursday’s “Get Fuzzy” dialogue sums up the cherry-picking situation for everyone. Rob Wilco: “Hmm … your grasp of facts is … loose.” Bucky Cat: “Robert, I moved beyond 'facts’ a long time ago. Facts are for people who can’t create their own truth. Fact.” Rob: “OK. So you’re a Big Picture guy.” Bucky: “Inefficient. I just find the correct little picture and go with that.”

Mr. Lieb suggests that “the history book that I read” gave him the facts. Perhaps he should consider the future plural tense: “the history books I will read.” Get more knowledge and the picture gets more fuzzy. Even comic characters know that.

— Ken Green

Cooper Landing