Letter: Now that Treadwell is running for Senate, he needs to quit job

Now that Mead Treadwell has officially announced his intent to run for the U.S. Senate seat, he needs to immediately resign his position as lieutenant governor. 

The conflicts of interest between his constitutionally mandated charge to provide oversight over elections and his political campaign activities are too great. 

It’s not right for Mead to campaign for his GOP interests in Washington, D.C., on our dime and time while he purportedly carries on his constitutionally mandated duties to serve all Alaskans at the same time.

He’s already admitted that he will change the way Alaskans vote by impacting how, when and how many voters cast their ballots.

To be in charge of those kinds of electoral machinations and run a statewide campaign at the same time is a huge conflict.

Mead can’t do both. Anything less than his resignation henceforth compromises the integrity of Alaska’s 2014 primary and general elections.

Mead Treadwell needs to do the right thing and resign, or the public loses out big time.

— Andree McLeod