Letter: Points we may well consider in regard to the tennis facility

Tennis is the fastest growing major sport in America — faster than soccer, basketball, baseball, football. The ATA teaches over 400 children each summer and numbers are rising. Affordable courts should be available to all Alaskans — not just those who can pay the expensive private fees. Alaska is the only state in the Pacific Northwest that doesn’t provide public courts for the community. The facility will be used for other sporting events such as volleyball, basketball and badminton. The Spenard Community Council approved the project. 

Most importantly … The Turnagain Community Council and Spenard Council approved the project on the condition that further evaluation be done on the Dempsey location. That evaluation will get underway later this month. Its important to research all the facts! This is important to over 11,000 players alone in Anchorage! 

It’s time to provide a proper outlet for all tennis players! We certainly provide facilities for every other sport in Anchorage! Fair is fair! 

— Stephanie Williams