Letter: Opposition to oil-tax giveaway restores hope to many Alaskans

It has been thrilling to witness the firmly solidifying referendum on SB 21, the oil-tax giveaway. Each patiently collected signature, each painstakingly organized effort, each thoughtfully researched and effectively written article or letter to the editor in our local publications has transformed everything.

When people fight for the right things, there is an authenticity and lack of manipulation evident that can’t be fabricated. Having nothing to gain but justice inspires instant credibility.

Prior to this, I felt our political system was hopeless: invariably kowtowing to those who need it least and ignoring any genuine, practical concern for ordinary people trying to live decent lives, often despite crushing difficulties. But as people have employed their gifts and determination to defend this state and their own well-being, it has restored many of us to wholeness and hope.

Even done deals can be undone.

— Victoria Walsh