Smith cleans up in state trapshooting event

Fairbanks' Wally Smith was a big winner in last week's Alaska State Amateur Trapshooting Association state shoot at Birchwood Recreation Shooting Park.

Smith won the high all-around and high overall titles, along with a state doubles title and Juneau Gun Club doubles title. Smith set a state shoot record by hitting 100 of 100 targets in the state doubles event. He scored a 384 of a possible 400 in the state all-around, and recorded 1,041 of a possible 1,200 in the high overall.

Anchorage's Jim Fleming won a state singles title for hitting 199 of a possible 200. Wasilla's Jon Hayes and Chugiak's Ben Olsen were both winners of multiple events. Hayes triumphed in the scatter gun doubles competition and won the Boondocks Sporting Goods handicap event. Olsen was a winner in the Cremation Society of Alaska state handicap championship and the Western Zone high overall division.

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