Letter: Why ask for free coat when you can afford an electronic tablet?

On Wednesday, I watched a report on Channel 2 KTUU regarding the HUGSS program and they stated that they had run out of supplies and coats due to the exceptionally large number of children who had shown up to participate in the much-needed program.

At the end of the newscast, the cameraman went outside and panned out to show the large number of people still waiting in line. In the middle of that line was a young girl using her electronic tablet.

I may not be the sharpest tack in the box, but it would seem to me that if you or your family can afford $400 or $500 for an iPad, you surely can afford to pay $20 or $30 for your own school supplies.

This is just one more example of a growing trend in this country whereby people are gaming the system just because they can get away with it, when there are many, many kids in Anchorage who truly do need the help.

What a travesty!

— Tom Weller