Letter: Parents are first teachers

It seems ironic that Dave Bronson (Compass, Aug. 15) takes Dr. Jerry Prevo’s critics to task for not giving him credit for the good things he does soon after saying that secular schools and institution have “failed miserably” at passing on “… biblical values such as faith, fidelity, duty, honor and respect.” 

I respect the public schools and their employees even while knowing that they are not perfect and that they are often faced with a very difficult job. I am certainly satisfied with the local education my grandchildren are receiving. 

“Biblical values,” often shared by those secular people, are primarily the responsibility of children’s first teachers, their parents. Involved and interested parents are extremely important to the educational success of any student — which is an advantage that private schools hold. Public schools are charged with taking virtually every child who shows up at the door. Then those public schools hope that the students will show up more than 75 percent of the time to get them ready to pass required academic tests. 

— John T. Jensen