Man swallows human toe in famous Klondike 'Sourtoe' cocktail

From CBC News: An unidentified American visiting Dawson, Yukon, deliberately swallowed a human toe that's the draw -- and the dare -- in the Downtown Hotel's famous "Sourtoe Cocktail" ritual. Drinkers are supposed to let the toe touch their lips, but the man nonchalantly swallowed the toe along with the cocktail in one gulp and dropped $500 on the table to pay the "fine" for taking the toe.

[Bartender Terry] Lee says it's not the first time the toe has been swallowed but he believes this is the first time it was deliberate.

The fine for swallowing the toe has now been raised to $2500.

Lee says the tradition will continue as the bar had a backup toe.

Over the years, more than eight toes have gone missing or been stolen or destroyed. A new replacement has been found every time.

It's estimated that more than 60,000 people have paid for the privilege of drinking a shot of Yukon Gold whiskey featuring this genuine human toe.

Lee says he and the hotel, which owned the last toe, are hoping another one will be donated.

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