Letter: New health care is step in right direction but still comes up short

I cannot let Rebecca Earhart’s letter of Sept. 30 go unanswered. Her letter was a diatribe against Lisa Murkowski for not agreeing with Sen. Cruz. Rebecca defined Sen. Murkowski as “a traitor to Alaska and the rest of our country.”

A traitor? What country does Rebecca live in?

She defined Obamacare as “an atrocity that is not affordable and destroys our freedom.”

Not affordable? It is the runaway cost of health care in this country that necessitated a radical change.

Our freedom? Are we free when private predators are allowed to exploit the most fundamental need of human existence? There is no reason CEOs of community hospitals should take home a million dollars a year, not to mention the millions of dollars all the other profiteers extort from all of us when we are down.

There is something inherently wrong with profit-driven health care. What kind of a nation are we when we value money over the mitigation of human suffering? Obamacare didn’t go far enough. The only real solution is a single payer system.

— Marie Bair