Letter: Install term limits for Congress

Many people are for establishing terms limits for both houses of Congress. We already have  a way of establishing term limits in place, “It is the Vote.” This will only work with an electorate that is well informed. The majority of the current electorate are ignorant, ill informed and complacent as to how their votes either protect or deplete their rights as citizens. 

All citizens need to know how our local, state and federal governments work.

What they can do to become involved in the operation of their government is understand the candidates who they plan to vote for, not from a commentator for any radio or TV outlet. Listen to the candidates’ speeches, read what they have to say in the newspapers. Seek them out and ask them questions and demand answers.

In short, it is not the House of Representatives and the Senate that have let us down.  It the electorate that has allowed all that what we are saying is wrong with our government to happen. To change what is wrong and make positive change all of us must become well informed and vote our well-informed conscience.

— Roger D. Bon Sr.