Letter: Republicans, take party back

I have been a registered Republican all my adult life, am an informed voter and exercise my vote consistently. Sadly, I no longer recognize the Republican Party — from positions on fiscal responsibility, public education, women’s rights, the environment, gun rights, immigration, voter access, to the party’s general governance practices itself. Equally troubling is national Republican leaders who are often crude, ignorant and small-minded in their political comments and behavior.

For Republicans wanting our party back, here’s a proposal. Change your registration to “Non-Partisan.” Create a voter voice. Voter registration can be changed over the phone in less than five minutes. Call the State of Alaska Division of Elections — in Anchorage it’s 522-8683. Registering Non-Partisan still allows you to choose either the Republican primary ballot or the primary ballot with all other candidates and you can still vote for Republican candidates in the general election.

A loss in Republican registration rolls would be noted, and if big enough, would be noted beyond our state. Our country needs two functioning and capable political parties.

Hopefully the Republican Party will be one of them again soon.

— Marnie Isaacs