Letter: Sullivan hasn’t earned chops to represent us in the Senate

Wow! I didn’t realize that Alaska was so short on “conservative” politicians that we now have to import them! Cheechako Dan Sullivan (I call him that to differentiate him from Mayor Dan Sullivan) wants to protect us from “federal overreach.” Is this overreach from the same federal government that he was a sub-cabinet member of less than five years ago? Is it from the same federal government that funds one-third of Alaska’s economy?

Cheechako Dan thinks that marrying an Alaskan qualifies him to represent Alaska in the U.S. Senate. I think he makes Joe Miller look like a sourdough. Heck, my 13-year-old husky has lived in Alaska longer than Cheechako Dan. Our current senators are both multi-generational Alaskans who realize that Alaska requires moderate leadership grounded in our unique history and needs. Being a “conservative” who cuts federal spending in Alaska is certainly not the reason “Uncle” Ted Stevens earned my vote repeatedly.

Cheechako Dan Sullivan doesn’t understand Alaska’s history or reliance on federal dollars well enough to represent Alaska in the Senate.

— John A. Farleigh