Letters: Why the delay on Lewin report?

Last week the governor released the Lewin report (about Medicaid expansion). His response to why he denied requests for copies of the report was that those requests had not been addressed to him personally.

Freedom of Information Act aside, is the governor separating himself from the actions he performs as governor? If he feels compelled to seek legal advice for why he chose to withhold the report, what should we think? Remember, the governor is a lawyer. Lawyers choose their words carefully. They are very careful if they know they can be held accountable for their actions.

The state of Alaska paid for the Lewin report. It is, and was, public material. Think about why it was withheld for so long. Take some time to look at the substance of the report.

Alaska is doing a bad job of managing its underprivileged class. As such we read about ourselves as recent studies document our failings. 

Money is not the issue here.

Think about it.

— Brett Delana