Letter: Power grab? Sounds more like an 'up-or-down vote’

Sen. Lisa Murkowski issued a statement saying that the recent change in the Senate filibuster rules was “a power grab, plain and simple.” 

Seems she’s forgotten that in 2005 she said, “Let me make it clear that I support an up-or-down vote on all nominations brought to the Senate floor, regardless of the president nominating them or which party controls the Senate.” That “it is not fair to the nominees to have their lives placed on hold, sometimes in excess of two years.”

Or that in 2010 she told the Juneau Bar Association that “the Senate rules should be changed to allow the names of judicial nominees to more quickly be moved to a vote.” 

That she now thinks changing the rules to actually allow the names of judicial nominees to proceed “more quickly” to an “up-or-down vote” is now somehow dangerous and unpatriotic saddens me.

— Keith Nyitray