Letter: Obama is hurting Americans, not helping them as he should

Barack Hussein Obama is destroying America. When sequestration didn’t hurt America as he claimed it would, he turned to other tactics to punish us. He grounded the inspiring Thunderbirds and Blue Angels air shows. Then he ended public tours of the White House except for his elite friends. Obama flipped on gay marriage, slapping the faces of traditional Americans. Rather than call for calm and unity, he has promoted racial and financial divide for political gain. His economic policies are hurting Americans, not helping them. Obamacare will wreck the best medical system in the world. He bold-face lied to sell it. Period. Obama has gutted NASA. America used to lead the world in space exploration. The next footprints on the moon will be Russian or Chinese. On the international scene Obama has made America look weak, indecisive and easily bullied. The top priority of Obama and liberals seems to be buying votes by offering free stuff and immigration reform.

Obama is clearly the worst president in history, and he’s not done yet.

— Richard Rhyner