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Letter: Nothing’s fair about 'equal split’

“State fisheries board approves long-awaited Kenai king plan.” Maybe someone can show me this “equal split” among all the participating user groups? Because from where I see it, this “equality” is about as elusive as the very species we are all concerned about.

The new gear restrictions are the very definition of unfair, due to the simple fact that they are completely untested. Where’s the substantiated scientific data that shows shallow gear restrictions will even make a difference? One Canadian researcher doing some small, one-season study in the Lower Cook Inlet is enough to go on?

The fact of the matter is that if a sport fisherman gets cut down to catch and release, they miss an opportunity to mount a fish on a wall. If you cut down the weekly periods and August fishing time of a setnetter, you’re essentially destroying the financial livelihoods of hundreds of families — their children, their crew, the young people who use it to pay for their college educations. There is nothing equal about any of this.

— Christina Shadura