Letter: Carbon tax a smart fix

It’s easy to grasp Secretary Kerry’s frustration with inaction on climate. But at the same time, it is also easy to understand how some of us want to reject climate change. It may just be human nature to ignore a mess when we see no solution to it. If I have a tooth with a hole, I can look for a dentist or ignore it. If I don’t know about dentists, or sugar companies say sugar doesn’t cause cavities, then I may ignore that tooth. That works until the pain begins.

With climate change, the pain has begun. Mercifully, there are solutions. Economists of all stripes agree that a fee on burning fossil fuels is a simple tool to reduce carbon pollution and help the climate. As the fee ramps up each year and all revenues are returned to American families (not the government), we will have the time and money to move carefully to a low-carbon economy.

Our members of Congress need to be our climate dentists and pass a revenue-neutral fee on carbon.

— George Donart


Anchorage Daily News