Letter: Alaska Legislature producing unexpected, welcome results

For years I have been upset with the Republican members of our state Legislature and their backward stand on social issues, e.g., education, health care, abortion and same-sex marriage. Just to name a few. This morning a light bulb went on over my head — they are actually helping us by taking these actions heretofore thought detrimental! 

They are helping to keep our population down, raise the amount of our Permanent Fund checks and reduce traffic on the roads. They do not want new enterprises to locate here. What forward-thinking entrepreneur would set up business in this state when the atmosphere is so backward? Why would our young college graduates want to locate here when the vibes coming from Juneau are so negative that many years will have to be spent to change this outlook around?

Why, even the new pope is more in tune with the times than our Republican legislators in Juneau. So maybe I should be thanking them for their backward stance. But I don’t think so.

— Sara Burkholder