Letter: State politics reach new low

I would like someone to help me understand why our politics have gotten so low that some of our top congressional members act worse than pre-schoolers. When Rep. Darrell Issa denied Rep. Elijah Cummings his fully allotted time to speak during an official congressional hearing by turning off his microphone, I couldn’t believe how petty the illusion of power makes supposedly learned men act. Issa should be stripped of his status in this hearing as he acted worse than a pre-schooler. In fact, he reminded me of a 2-year-old. At least a 2-year-old has hope to learn better manners.

In another vein, how low have our politics gotten that some people can praise Mr. Putin of Russia over our own President Obama. Disagree with him if you want, but try to support our country. It amazes me that some news media still even air Sarah Palin’s opinion about world politics.

— Jan Wyland