Letter: Board of Game’s hypocrisy over drones

It is certainly good news that the Board of Game will prohibit the use of drones for hunting. However the decision is outstandingly hypocritical. They cite a need for “fairness” to airplane hunters making drones illegal as is poison, bombs, radio communication, etc.

However the Alaska Department of Fish and Game has spent millions of dollars killing bears and wolves for decades using methods illegal to everyone else, as well as gassing, shooting cubs in dens, promoting bear snaring and liberalizing hunting regulations in the name of predator control.

Never mind that they cannot produce any credible science to support that such heinous tactics work and result in more sustainable ungulate populations. And never mind that most Alaskans know that habitat destruction is the reason for any problems with populations, not wolves and bears who have been here for eons when the habitat was intact. And never mind that a state-commissioned study on the economic value of wildlife shows that wildlife viewing is over twice that of hunting. 

— Richard Hoskins