Letter: Unions seek permanent change

It’s hard to tell if John MacKinnon’s photo is a smile or a smirk. His Compass view (April 11) points to the latter. The adage, “Fool me once shame on you — fool me twice shame on me,”  certainly applies here. The same legislators did the same trick before. Overwhelmingly people want to raise the minimum wage. Conniving legislators “backhands” agree and enact a law promoting higher wages only to revisit the law later and take back what was given. 

Are people that  gullible (still)?

Talking out of both sides of his mouth, MacKinnon praises the idea of wage increase and slams union endorsement of protecting the original concept of a safe, protected way to enact the bill. 

When I was a child we had a harmless prank — “Hey look, your shoe’s untied” — other kid looks down, you bonk him on the head. I grew up in Detroit, a great union town. Offshoring jobs and ravaging unions make all similar towns suffer. What percentage of Associated General Contractors laborers are union-affiliated? No sympathy to them by him.

— Mike Gogolowski