Letter: Sometimes, guns are lifesavers

I’m not sure how Mary Sanchez in her column May 30 could look at a veteran with PTSD denied treatment by the VA who committed “suicide by cop” and conclude we need “rational gun laws.” I’m not sure how she can look at Elliot Rodger and say the same. He stabbed three of his victims.

As a convenience store clerk, I have been robbed seven times. As a female, I have been sexually assaulted twice. So I think of times a gun might have been useful, like Fort Hood last April when the police arrived in about eight minutes. All of my robberies were long over by eight minutes. The assaults took a little longer. One man had a knife, which I learned the hard way in well under eight minutes. I — and the NRA — see guns as lifesavers, sometimes.

One customer recently had a gun and referenced his “constitutional right.” I told him: “It’s the one aimed at me I’ve problems with. I can live with yours.” And I can live with the NRA.

— Pam Siegfried