Letter: Honor our trees, they’re worth it

Let me start off by saying that all public property is owned by we the public. We are stakeholders in our community and we elect leaders to take care of our public property and community business. An elected official must serve the public trust and honor our public icons, such as Town Square and the old courthouse.

That said, I ask, who gave anyone permission to remove some of the most beautiful and older trees in Anchorage? Evidently not the public. I don’t recall approving the removal of trees. Now a militia of chainsaws are poised to deface one of the most central landmarks in Anchorage, the old courthouse. Chief Harrington swore me into the Navy in that courthouse. Are you going to attach some obnoxious fancy money-gulping structure to bury what you must perceive as an eyesore to our upwardly mobile city?  Is the log cabin next?  You know, best use and all that.

— Pat Wendt