Letter: Supreme court hypocritical, ideologically unprofessional

There is a disturbing trend toward flights of fancy in the current Supreme Court, more ideologically polarized than ever before. Premise, precedent, legal definition, logic and cognitive accuracy be damned, this court lay the hatchet of blind belief to the law, and the Constitution itself.

If the court allows “closely held” corporations to apply rights unequally for the religious beliefs of the owners by denying contraceptive coverage, then can these same corporations thwart the law if their belief is that modern medicine goes against their religious beliefs, thus completely opting out of all employee coverage?

If my religious beliefs view non-believers to be less than human (because some people think that way about Christians, for example), does my corporation get a pass on offering equal rights to applicants? Also, can these corporations, nonprofit and for-profit, bill Medicaid and administer contraceptives to clients, while denying coverage to their employees? Oh, the hypocrisy. These justices have questionable thinking processes and a lack of vision regarding the consequences of their rulings.

— Jeffrey Todd Brown