Alaska gift shop's 'over-the-top' training video is no 'snoozer' (+video)

Craig MedredAlaska Dispatch
alcesbrowser via YouTube

According to the New York Daily News, Alaska gift shop "Once in a Blue Moose," in downtown Anchorage, once made a little motivational training tape with a lot of originality, but as the Daily News put it, the outcome is so "bad you can't take your eyes off it."

The good part is that the Internet can bestow instant fame on such simultaneously bad and awesome cultural artifacts.

“It was supposed to be really hokey, over-the-top corny,” Hillary Fisher, Once in a Blue Moose’s office manager, told the New York Daily News. “All of our training videos are injected with a little life.”

Fisher added that the gift shop is a small family business that likes to make all of its training videos with a twist of humor. (Humor some say only Alaskans could appreciate.)

Fischer says, “Your typical training video is usually a snoozer." Once in a Blue Moose -- true to its pun-tastic name -- aims to make its videos entertaining as well as informative.

Since arriving on YouTube, the video has been viewed more than 77,000 times and has attracted an impressive fan base. Although the musical sketch is now running roughshod over the aesthetic sensibilities of hipsters from Williamsburg to Murray Hill and is poised to conquer the entire World Wide Web, it was never actually used for employee training.

Of the sudden YouTube fame, Fisher told the New York Daily News, “It’s kind of surprising that people have found it so funny ... When we would watch it, we would just cry laughing.”

Some YouTube commenters have noted the similarities between the Blue Moose's sense of humor and that of disaster character Michael Scott on NBC's The Office.

But you be the judge, give the video a watch, and read more: