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'Super Sherpa' adds to Everest ascent record

Alaska Dispatch

According to numerous sources, Apa Sherpa -- nicknamed "Super Sherpa" -- has added to the world record he set for most times climbing to the summit of Mount Everest. The 51-year-old Nepali mountaineer has now reached the top 21 times. His latest successful climb came Wednesday during an expedition dedicated to bringing attention to the effects of climate change and to hauling away some of the piles of expedition trash that have been left behind over many years. Apa Sherpa was accompanied by America's Chris Shumate, Switzerland's Bruno Gremior, and Nepal's Ang Dawa Sherpa, Phurba Sherpa and Arita Sherpa. Read more from Reuters, Hindustan Times, and The Sydney Morning Herald. For folks interested in the mountaineering itself, Chris Shumate's personal blog features a solid journal sketch of his 2011 Himalayan expedition.