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Kotzebue residents got a rude awakening early Friday morning. A large thunderstorm rolled through the Northwest Alaska hub community at about 3:36 a.m., according to the National Weather Service, bringing with it  lightning strikes and four-tenths of an inch of rain.


Suzanna Caldwell
The vessel traveled south for nearly a day after the man suffered a head injury to get in range of U.S. Coast Guard helicopters stationed in Barrow. Laurel Andrews
Suicide rates for Alaska Natives 70 and older are only half the national rates for that age group, according to information gathered by James Allen, a professor of psychology at the University of Minnesota, and his colleagues.Yereth Rosen
An animal-rights group tried but failed to convince lawmakers to ban the industry. YLE News
The former U.S. Coast Guard commandant, tapped by Secretary of State John Kerry last month to serve as U.S. special representative to the Arctic, seeks to the raise the region's profile in the Lower 48. Yereth Rosen
Sparsely populated but resource-rich and situated along much of the Northern Sea Route, the region has economic and cultural links to China, Japan and Korea -- and, across the Bering Strait, to Alaska. . Mia Bennett
The TVO utility wants an extension of its preliminary permit for a fourth unit at the troubled nuclear-power plant -- but some politicians want the project reconsidered. YLE News
Snow atop Arctic sea ice has thinned dramatically since the mid-20th century, declining by over a third in the western Arctic and by more than half in the Chukchi and Beaufort seas, reports a new study led by researchers at the University of Washington and NASA.Yereth Rosen
In spite of Alaska legislative rhetoric against a joint Russia-U.S. park, much of the environmental and cultural research underpinning the project  is set to continue, said a National Park Service spokesman.Zachariah Hughes | KNOM
Broken windows and stolen Spam are just a few of the casualties of a widespread bear break-in problem in Northwest Alaska this summer. A poor berry season might be part of the reason.Suzanna Caldwell