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The Alaska Arctic Policy Commission is expected to submit its final report to the Legislature on Friday. Companion bills introduced in both houses identify four areas of focus: economic and resource development, infrastructure, health communities and a state-based agenda for science and research.

Associated Press
Russian air carriers are struggling with massive debt, a collapsed ruble and a dearth of customers; one company has already secured a government loan guarantee.. Thomas Nilsen, Barents Observer
The decision was made after Russian authorities classified the Nordic Council of Ministers -- an organization that has operated for 20 years in Russia -- as a "foreign agent." Trude Pettersen, Barents Observer
The Coast Guard has begun accepting public comment on proposed vessel routes to the Arctic Ocean off western and northwest Alaska.Associated Press
A survey that is refining maps of Finland's surface and forests is providing another benefit -- new and ultra-precise information about areas suitable for use by the country's wildlife. YLE News
Predator declines in Sweden reverse previous population trends, but harbor seals are making a comeback.Radio Sweden
Scientists have new information about the level of detail in the songs that bowhead whales sing to one another when they are migrating into the Beaufort Sea in the spring.Yereth Rosen
Ambition for expanded Arctic oil and gas development clash directly with growing concerns -- voiced at the Norwegian conference -- about accelerated climate change. Irene Quaile, Deutsche Welle
Norway's decision to expand offshore Arctic oil drilling will be costly, both environmentally and financially, the conservation group says.Thomas Nilsen, Barents Observer
OPINION: Greenland's dreams of big money from oil have, so far, been dashed by economic realities, but there is potential for growth in sales of another precious liquid -- water -- as long as sources remain pure and unpolluted.Mia Bennett