While the prospect of a trip to see thousands of walruses charging Alaska’s northwest coastline in Point Lay may sound exciting, federal officials are reiterating that people who do visit could end up breaking the law.

Kamala Kelkar
Even as melting Arctic glaciers threaten to swamp shorelines, nations from Russia to the United States are betting that warming temperatures also will unlock trillions of dollars in new wealth.David J. Lynch | Bloomberg News
President Obama is expected to announce during his visit to the state next week a project led by the Denali Commission to assess whether 31 rural Alaska communities affected climate change should be relocated or protected in their current location, a federal official speaking at a U.S. Arctic Research Commission in Nome said this week.Emily Russell | KNOM
A photographer posted the first images from this year of thousands of walruses at a large haulout near Point Lay, but the images have federal officials worried that photographers will ignore warnings to stay away from the site.Kamala Kelkar
Science was in the spotlight when the U.S. Arctic Research Commission came together for its second and final day of meetings in Nome, covering a range of topics -- from fire forecasts and walrus tagging to sea ice loss and the nutritional value of reindeer meat.Laura Kraegel | KNOM
Huge, wind-whipped waves were crashing onto the beach at Barrow, forcing the closure of a road, the National Weather Service reported Thursday. Yereth Rosen,Alex DeMarban
In a small gathering at Nome’s mini convention center Tuesday morning, commissioners from the U.S. Arctic Research Commission heard testimony about the mental health services available in the Norton Sound, the Bering Strait, and the Northwest Arctic regions -- and some sobering statistics as to the very real challenges residents face.Laura Kraegel | KNOM
OPINION: China and the U.S. have an obligation and opportunity to work together on a range of cooperative issues to maintain the Arctic’s future as a peaceful, safe and secure region, as that new frontier opens.David Slayton,Lawson W. Brigham
With an influx of Arctic researchers launching weather balloons, drones and sensor-equipped projectiles, the Federal Aviation Administration is designating a new aviation "warning area" above the Beaufort Sea stretching north of Prudhoe Bay.Asaf Shalev
OPINION: Climate change is real, complex and accelerating in the north, and that creates both challenges and opportunities.Larry Hinzman