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When President Dwight D. Eisenhower inked the declaration under which the 49th state joined the union, no one thought that 55 years later, the state and federal governments would still be arguing about the map of Alaska.


Dermot Cole
As Swedes hunt for a Russian submarine suspected to be in the Stockholm archipelago, Finland's president expresses concerns about the rise in military traffic in the Baltic. Radio Sweden and YLE News
Environmentalists fear the new Russian military operations on Wrangel Island will harm the polar bears that use the area for denning and raising their cubs. Thomas Nilsen, Barents Observer
The explosion in production from North Dakota and other Lower 48 areas has made oil prospects in the far north less economically attractive.Thomas Nilsen, Barents Observer
After nearly two years of meetings and conferences in which members of the Alaska Arctic Policy Commission heard from Arctic stakeholders, the group made another stop in Barrow to hear from delegates again before submitting their final report.Jillian Rogers
Illegal crab harvests in the Russian Far East are threatening stocks and flooding markets, according to a new report issued by the World Wildlife Fund.Yereth Rosen
The fate of controversial mining projects and some other economic activities might hinge on results of upcoming elections. Mia Bennett
The Russian Navy's alleged harassment of a Finnish research vessel does not rise to a level that requires a formal diplomatic response, Finland's foreign ministry determined. YLE News
In a few months, the ice-classed research vessel Sikuliaq, owned by the National Science Foundation, will be equipped with about a half dozen Arctic Native ice testing sticks as part of the ship’s safety outfit.Jenn Ruckel
The announcement came Tuesday morning in an MSNBC interview of UAF vice chancellor Mike Sfraga and U.S. Ambassador to Sweden Mark Brezinski. UAF will team with Dartmouth College in the effort, details of which will be released later, officials said.Craig Medred