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With floating ice sparse in the Chukchi Sea, an estimated 35,000 walruses were found crowded onto a beach Saturday near the Northwest Alaska village of Point Lay, according to federal biologists.


Yereth Rosen
Researchers are deflating accounts of the large animals stumbling around while tipsy on fermented fruit.Radio Sweden
Indigenous leaders trying to participate in events outside Russia are facing new obstacles placed by hostile government officials. Thomas Nilsen, Barents Observer
Russian warplanes flew into Swedish airspace earlier this month, an incident that is even making the pacifist-rooted Greens reconsider their opposition to defense spending.Radio Sweden
Christiana Figueres, head of the organization's climate secretariat, says she expects to hear announcements from several nations and corporations about projects to curb carbon emissions. Irene Quaile, Deutsche Welle
The United States and Russia put aside their differences to move some highly enriched uranium from Poland to Murmansk this month, part of a joint campaign to prevent terrorist groups from gaining access to the dangerous material. Thomas Nilsen, Barents Observer
Russian officials made it difficult for the elected head of a Sami council in Russia's Murmansk Oblast and other Russian indigenous leaders to travel to the United Nations first World Conference on Indigenous Peoples in New York. Thomas Nilsen, Barents Observer
The current and former chief executives are among four men facing environmental charges over the ​Talvivaara nickel spills of 2012. YLE News
Arctic sea ice has ceased its annual melt and begun re-freezing as winter returns to the northern hemisphere. This year's sea-ice extent was the sixth-lowest on the satellite record, researchers said.Yereth Rosen
A lone male musk ox was found wandering well south of its typical Arctic range. Lynn Desjardins, Radio Canada International