OPINION: Despite the two nations' conflicting interests in other regions of the world, there are four major reasons for the U.S. to strongly consider cooperating with Russia in the Arctic.David Slayton,Lawson W. Brigham, Ph.D
OPINION: The rigorous mind-training that the discipline of philosophy provides is important to the future of University of Alaska Fairbanks students, and to the entire state.Eduardo Wilner, Ph.D
OPINION: Looks like Alaskans are getting wise, and that's bad news for pious hypocrites and most of the Legislature. Shannyn Moore
OPINION: Any tax break should cover a robust restoration of the 4th Avenue Theatre, not its destruction with the false salve of a preserved lobby.Charles Wohlforth
OPINION: Alaska's Medicaid system is so messed up that no one knows exactly how bad the problem is. That's reason enough to not expand the system until it can be reformed.Paul Jenkins
OPINION: If successfully launched, this proposed public-private-partnership will send a clear signal to other developers that Anchorage welcomes their investments in our city’s future. This is a project we should all support.Bill Popp,Christopher M. Schutte,Bruce Bustamante
OPINION: Parts of the Anchorage mayoral campaign were too revolting for words.Mike Dingman
OPINION: The way we live should testify to the good work our mothers have done, do now, and will keep doing. Sen. Dan Sullivan
OPINION: Native ways of knowing don't always square with Western science, but they're rooted in millennia of culture and experience.Alan Boraas
OPINION: SB 77 is a good bill that aims to provide clarity and accessibility to both companies and shareholders, especially in light of the significant ambiguities in current Alaska statutory and case law.Tara Sweeney