OPINION: Alaska risks long-term harm to its creditworthiness if state tries to walk away from LIO deal.J. Jay Brooks
OPINION: A quake's rude awakening shakes us back to our senses. Elise Patkotak
Sunday morning’s Alaska earthquake shook Anchorage neighborhoods with vastly different force from place to place, evidence that some pockets of the city are much safer than others.Charles Wohlforth
OPINION: Don't be too quick to cut the Alaska Marine Highway System, for its reach is longer than its route map.Randy Robertson
OPINION: In the tradition of Ted Stevens, Dan Sullivan can work to benefit fishermen and coastal communities throughout Alaska and the rest of the country for generations to come.Dave Kubiak
OPINION: U.S. leadership of Arctic Council bodes well for international cooperation in search and rescue, oil exploration and improving public health for people in the Far North.  Adm. Robert Papp
OPINION: It’s only a matter of time before the Board of Game's deference to one consumptive user group puts more than Alaska's four-legged family members at risk.Lynn Mitchell
OPINION: Banning the use and transport of heavy fuel oil in Arctic waters would be as wise as doing so in Antarctic waters was.Sue Libenson
OPINION: All Alaskans must contribute to a balanced budget, but let's not gut either the dividend or the Permanent Fund.Clem Tillion
Commentary: Alaska legislators are looking to the Permanent Fund dividend, other sources of revenue, in the face of public disapproval of inaction.Charles Wohlforth