OPINION: Alaska is morally and legally responsible for people it holds in custody. Sen. McGuire is on the right track is pursuing details of Davon Mosley's death.Paul Jenkins
OPINION: Alaska State Troopers are keenly aware of each traffic stoppage and do everything in their power to open the road as quickly as possible. A crash investigation can be complicated, and lives can be at stake.Col. James Cockrell
OPINION: To Alaskans who care deeply about our state's future, persistently low voter turnout is cause for concern. But we can help remove a potential barrier by improving the convenience.Sen. Lesil McGuire
OPINION: Abortion foes brush truth aside in their assault on Planned Parenthood, despite its role in compassionate care for women's health.Zhenia Peterson
OPINION: Fearmongering about tribal trust lands masks the truth that such lands can benefit both Alaska Natives and the the state as a whole.Richard Peterson
OPINION: Given the economic impacts heading Alaska's way due to climate change, it is disappointing to see automatic partisan push-back against President Obama's Clean Power Plan.Phil Somervell
OPINION: If the world agrees to ensure the sustainability of any fishing in the Central Arctic Ocean, then Alaska can be proud of the role it has taken on behalf of sound ocean resource management.Dan Hull,David Benton,Stephanie Madsen,Eric Olson
OPINION: Gov. Bill Walker should continue legal fight against Native tribal trust land claims in Alaska.Suzanne Downing
OPINION: Shannyn Moore's claim to reason on abortion bears a closer look -- as does the question of abortion itself.Dave Horwath
OPINION: President Obama's visit to Alaska will be a great opportunity to announce additional conservation measures for the Arctic, but will he do so?Rick Steiner