OPINION: A crisis can come in many forms, ours was a bad four-wheeler accident. But we made it.Ford Harrison Humphreys
OPINION: Alaska faces a calamitous economic and fiscal crisis but the biggest danger is not low oil prices; it's the way our politics works, or fails to work.John Havelock
OPINION: Alaska must learn to live within its means, and Alaskans must step up to provide the means.Elise Patkotak
OPINION: Dead are never far from the thoughts of the living, and Dublin pays lively respects to its literary lions.Michael Carey
OPINION: It's likely that Anchorage will soon have to choose between two mayoral candidates who rose to the top in Tuesday's vote, but that means an end for some colorful and intelligent candidates who were never fated to be mayor but who added a lot to this year’s race. Mike Dingman
OPINION: Shooting a basket is routine in practice, but it's a brand-new experience when the clock has just seconds left and it feels like the entire world is watching.Colleen Snyder
OPINION: We can lend a hand to Alaska parents struggling with stress and prevent the abuse and neglect of Alaska's children.Trevor Storrs,Abbe Hensley
OPINION: Refugees from Darfur began to earn their way shortly after they arrived.Richard Mandsager
OPINION: Rush to cut in the face of reduced state revenue threatens to gut already strapped Alaska schools.Alyse Galvin
OPINION: Alaska needs to cut spending, raise revenue and keep fear out of the equation.Click Bishop