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OPINION: As shipping redefines the Arctic, the US should show modern leadership by proposing that heavy fuel oil be phased out of use in arctic waters.Merritt Helfferich,Kevin Harun
OPINION: In newly discovered video, a chief consultant for the Affordable Care Act has exposed the disingenuousness of people who crafted and pushed the health care reform act.Paul Jenkins
OPINION: The Exxon Valdez spill is 25 years old, but the work of recovery is far from over.Rick Steiner
OPINION: Take it easy on the rest of us and learn how to drive safely even when the roads get slick with ice and snow.Fred Dyson
OPINION: If you would honor our veterans, then hold our elected officials accountable for the oath they take to defend and uphold the Constitution.Barry Thomas
OPINION: Why not offer up a moment of silent reflection before a school activity hosted at a church like the Anchorage Baptist Temple? That would be inclusive, respectful and, most of all, legal.Carey Restino
OPINION: Twenty-five years after the non-violent fall of the Berlin Wall, Europe has a different attitude toward political violence -- cause not just for celebration but for jubilation.Steve Haycox
OPINION: City could pave the way for Uber, but only at the price of compensating Anchorage taxi permit owners.Jim Brennan
OPINION: Critics of the courts over gay marriage should think twice; the rights protected may be their own.Barbara Hood
OPINION: Through recent statements and actions, some Alaska political leaders may have sent the message that people who don't fit the heterosexual norm aren't welcome in Alaska, but they are not the only Alaskans, and they're far from the last word.Maria Crouch