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OPINION: The job of the state Division of Insurance is clear "to regulate the insurance industry to protect Alaskan consumers,” not to boost the Parnell and Sullivan campaigns with misleading documents long on advocacy and short on analysis.Dermot Cole
OPINION: In defending his veto of SB 108, Gov. Parnell is inexplicably blind to the assault on American civil liberties that Alaska's public court information system currently amounts to. Every Alaskan should take note of his view of their privacy and due process rights and his distrust of our justice system.Sen. Fred Dyson
OPINION: A feeble response from a member of the Bar Association board to recent criticism of the bar's procedures to handle grievance and discipline of attorneys should concern everyone.Jeffrey Todd Brown
OPINION: In my 44 years of Alaska residency, this state and its university system have become increasingly like too many large corporations -- with goals of greed, overpaid executives, and excessive profits and shareholder returns.Thetus Smith
OPINION: On the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, it's worth contemplating the fact that Alaska has more wilderness today than it did 100 years ago.Craig Medred
OPINION: Anyone who runs for lieutenant governor in Alaska promises to be a “new kind of lieutenant governor,” as in one who has something to do other than guard the state seal and see if the governor has a pulse. But if the new ticket opposing Gov. Parnell wins, Byron Mallott may, out of necessity, be the one who follows through.Dermot Cole
OPINION: Because the U.S. Supreme Court has now equated money with free speech, money again impedes and quashes democracy. But just as in the past, there is a solution, a constitutional amendment proposed in the Senate.Steve Haycox
OPINION: Conversations over shared meals will be an effective way forward to solve problems and address challenges facing all of us on behalf of our children and their education system.Alison Arians,Alyse Galvin,Val Buckendorf,Pat Galvin,Aaron Poe,Sarah Sledge,Jessie Menkens,Joann Mitchell,Gretchen Stoddard,Andrea Cordano,Donna Lee Jardin,Terry Snyder,Michelle Church,Deena Mitchell,Kelly McBride,Debby Retherford,Carole Shay
OPINION: Once all the ballots were counted, Alaska's primary turnout turned out better than it looked at first blush -- and the numbers tell some interesting stories.Michael Carey
OPINION: Gov. Sean Parnell argues that if he hadn't vetoed Senate Bill 108, it would have concealed too many court records, put Alaskans at risk, and diminished the public's ability to hold members of the justice system accountable.Sean Parnell