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OPINION: Shortly after this legislative session ends, the Arctic will begin its annual thaw, and as that happens, the Arctic will once again be open for our best laid plans to be set in motion.Capt. Pete Garay
Since the start of this month, every day has gone above the normal high in Anchorage, and only two have reached the normal low. Beyond that, the daily lows have barely dipped down as cold as the normal highs the last four days.Craig Medred
OPINION: Enough barriers exist already for felons looking to start over. Alaska should not bar them from working or owning legal marijuana businesses.Mike Dingman
OPINION: Sen. Lisa Murkowski's support of Senate candidate Dan Sullivan represented a break with usual Senate political rules, and it suggests a deal.John Havelock
Hunting opened Oct. 1 and will continue through the end of March. Hunters’ success rate is typically good. Mid-winter finds most animals on the bison range or near farms in the Delta Agricultural Project. Many landowners will allow hunting on their parcels for a fee -- $500 seems to be the going rate.John Schandelmeier
OPINION: We should always offer alternatives to substance abuse, but unless people make the choice to use those alternatives, there is little that can be done for addicts who want to keep using.Elise Patkotak
However you get through it, November is rough. Once the snow falls it will reflect some light back up even in the dark, soften the jagged edges of leafless trees, and kick off winter snow sports. Until then, late fall in Alaska feels like a kick in the face. Alli Harvey
OPINION: In a time when Alaska faces budget deficits and reductions in essential services, cutting the boondoggle Juneau road proposal should be a no-brainer.Anissa Berry
OPINION: It's time for Alaskans to go back to draining swamps and clearing out the special-interest gators who are just here to take as much as they can get.Stephen F. Stringham
OPINION: Unless Alaskans put candidates on notice, necessary campaign finance reforms won't take place.Dan Schwartz