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With as many as 500 boaters with dipnets packed into a short section of the Kenai River, conditions can turn precarious. One family got tossed in the water after a collision, leading to a visit to the local hospital. 

Sean Doogan
A Superior Court judge ruled in favor of a group looking to ban commercial setnet fishing in Alaska's urban areas, saying the measure can go before voters.Suzanna Caldwell
Ugly but tasty fish looks like something out of a Jules Verne novel, and in Alaska they can get big. The state record is an 81-pound lingcod caught a dozen years ago. Kevin Klott
As of Tuesday, the estimated total run of sockeye into Bristol Bay waters stood just under 39 million fish, well beyond the Department of Fish and Game preseason forecast of 26.5 million.Dave Bendinger
An Oregon man hooked a 278-pound halbut to seize the lead in the Homer Jackpot Halibut Derby.Alaska Dispatch News
Unmanned gliders operated from Seattle by an iPad are measure the pace of ocean acidification in Prince William Sound, where they've found more extensive glacial plumes than scientists previously believed existed.Laine Welch
The Alaska State Troopers helped patch up a fishing boat that was taking on water near Dillingham on Friday, authorities said. The name of the vessel? Just In Time.Devin Kelly
Drift gillnet boats in upper Cook Inlet will get another opportunity to fish on Sunday (July 13), fishery managers announced Saturday evening. The opening in the Kasilof and Kenai sections will run from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday.​Lisa Demer
When the Kenai dipnetting fishery opens Thursday morning, it'll bring with it a tide of fishermen, with thousands crowding the North and South Beaches at the mouth of the river on any given day. This is no Alaska backcountry outing.Lisa Maloney
A 77-year-old angler from California lost the opportunity for the sportfishing record book when his 482-pound halibut was shot and then harpooned before it was pulled aboard the charter boat Icy Rose out of Gustavus in Southeast Alaska.Craig Medred