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For a group of Aussies, battling waves, rocks and sizeable tuna, sharks and cobia in New South Wales makes fishing a little more extreme. 

Tara Young
The Federal Subsistence Board voted to allow gillnetting primarily targeting sockeye salmon on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula, though the potential to harvest other species of fish, like Dolly Varden and the beleaguered king salmon, was a sticking point in the discussion.Rashah McChesney and DJ Summer | Peninsula Clarion
Southcentral anglers used to casting a line in Prince William Sound for late-season silver salmon at the Whittier Boat Harbor, Smitty’s Cove, Salmon Run or nearby say the return has sharply declined in recent years and are seeking an explanation from biologistsMike Campbell
The Bering Sea snow crab season is off and running, with a jump start in December. And crab prices are at record highs in Japan, thanks to a new treaty between Japan and Russia against illegal Russian crabbing, something fishermen would also like to see between the United States and Russia. Jim Paulin
Before voracious pike populations exploded in the drainage, Alexander Creek was one of the top destinations for Southcentral anglers seeking king salmon. As many as 11,000 kings a year returned, helping support nine lodges dedicated to sportfishing.Mike Campbell
NOAA has approved the distribution of an additional $13 million in aid -- the second half of a fisheries disaster payout approved by Congress last year -- for the 2012 king salmon fishery failure.Associated Press

“We're trying to catch tuna, mackerel, and other pelagics from the rocks and we’re constantly getting hammered by waves and hooking solid fish ... Basically our average days fishing were so much more exciting then a whole season of the best fishing shows on the telly, so a light just went off in our heads and we said we gotta make a fishing show.”

Tara Young
This picture on my desk of three fishermen is proof of the enduring nature of friendships forged on Sitka docks. Boat kids understand impermanence, the ease with which people can wash away. Tele Aadsen
Alaska seafood marketers are ramping up promotions and bankrolling a $1 million global media blitz to counteract a tough sockeye salmon market. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs are coming up with new, innovative ways to use Alaska's seafood.Laine Welch
Acting state Fish and Game Commissioner Sam Cotten was the only applicant for the permanent commissioner job to earn an interview with the Alaska Joint Board of Fisheries and Game, which rejected three other candidates at a Juneau meeting on Wednesday morning.Nathaniel Herz