Next summer in Juneau, the first seagoing electric-powered passenger vessel is due to launch. The E/V Tongass Rain is a 50-foot catamaran that can accommodate 47 passengers, powered by a hydroelectric power grid that includes a bank of lithium batteries.


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At the same time, the personal use dipnet fishery at the mouth of the Kenai River will be open 24 hours a day until it ends at 11:59 p.m. Friday.Alaska Dispatch News
The herring fishing is a little slow, but the humpback whale watching was awesome, said biologist Charles Russell. “I’ve never seen that many whales concentrated in one area. It looked like a couple of hundred whales.”Jim Paulin

Commercial setnet salmon fishermen on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula are the target of a statewide ballot initiative that would eliminate their fishery. 

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Should salmonberries that carpet the tundra be packed into gallon Ziplocs for sale? What about salmon harvested under subsistence rules, not commercial ones? A debate is raging over the sale of traditional Alaska Native foods.Lisa Demer
 Fishing for this elegant cousin of the trout is often a quiet alternative for those needing a break from the shoulder-to-shoulder “combat” fishing for salmon occurring at Alaska's lower elevations. Joseph Robertia
Iceland says the recent Arctic fishing moratorium, signed by the five Arctic coastal states without Iceland’s participation, is ‘unacceptable’ and a worrying precedent. Iceland has long argued as it should be included in discussions on Arctic fishing given the island nation’s location, fishing industry and scientific research into sustainable marine environments.Eilís Quinn, Eye on the Arctic
The pursuit of the fish poaching vessel Thunder until its sinking in April, pieced together from radio transmissions, interviews, ship records and reporting aboard two Sea Shepherd chase vessels, demonstrates the anything-goes nature of the high seas.Ian Urbina | The New York Times

Advantages to canning your catch in glass jars is that your fish is already cooked, sterilized and ready to eat once it’s processed. The jars of fish are good for camping and shipping to friends and family, and they make for quick easy meals.

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There's more than one way to catch a fish in Alaska -- and even more ways to fill your freezer with salmon or other species pulled from the state's waters. Check out the pros and cons of each.Suzanna Caldwell