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Alaskans are lucky: The aurora borealis decorates our skies and gives us something to look forward to during the long, often cold nights of winter.

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Fairbanks photographer Ronn Murray has long worked to capture Alaska's northern lights in photos and time-lapse. Recently, he turned his attention to high-definition video, and the results are astounding.

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The 9th annual AMH speedskate-skate ski Duathlon at Cuddy Family Midtown Park on Sunday, Jan. 4, 2015.

Sprawling Kincaid is more than 1,400 acres. There are 17 miles of single track and 42 miles of ski trails, in addition to the paved Coastal Trail. The Find Yourself in Kincaid Park app may be just the push some people need to explore new parts of the park without fear of getting lost.  Elissa Brown
During the beginning of 2015, the darkest time of the year, it felt nice to set my own light out ahead. Here’s my advice for how to achieve some outdoors-oriented goals.Alli Harvey

On Sunday, Neil O'Donnell and several friends headed out for a Nordic ice skating adventure, which grew from a 20-mile trip to a 31-mile trip for many in the group.

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Tired of taking selfies in the bathroom? How about taking one before heading into the Alaska backcountry? Troopers say you could save your life by sharing details about your journey.Megan Edge
Outdoors briefs on places to go in Alaska, gear to try, issues getting hot. Alaska Dispatch News
After 20 years of posts about fishing and hunting in the Last Frontier, the Alaska Outdoor Journal ​website stunned longtime followers with its sudden closure in early January. The site's creator, Gary Barnes, said only that he wanted to "figure out what's next."Sean Doogan

Surf's up in Norway's Lofoten Islands, where the Gulf Stream keeps the Arctic waters ice-free and relatively warm, even in winter.

James Thomson | Barents Observer