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Former Alaska First Lady Bella Hammond, 82, continues to live in the log cabin on the north shore of Lake Clark that she and the late Gov. Jay Hammond built together before his term from 1974-82.  “Isolation doesn’t bother me a bit," she says.

Steve Kahn
What makes this 18-year-old from Kenai the fastest distance running girl to ever come out of an Alaska high school? Doyle Woody
During World War II, Dad saved two lives when the destroyer he was serving on hit a mine and sank in the English Channel. He earned a Bronze Star for bravery in action, but his bad luck with ships never really waned. Pete Garay
At the Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival in Homer, bird calls, songs, quacks and caws competed in a beer-lubricated, fun-loving competition. Nancy Lord
A closer look at "Kinds of Winter" and "A Grizzly Trade."Kathleen Macknicki

The winners of the 33rd annual Creative Writing Contest sponsored by the University of Alaska and Alaska Dispatch News. 

Alaska Dispatch News
While most of Alaska melted, spring in the northwest has been ideal. Good snow and lingering cold have allowed people to travel in all directions, hunting and camping, fishing and hauling firewood. Seth Kantner
Unlike the killing of wolves, which often elicits fierce debate from opposing sides, we don’t hear much about squirrels in Alaska. One person might shoot a squirrel that crosses their property line; another might feed it by hand.Steve Kahn
Far out in the Aleutian chain, plenty of caribou await hunters on Adak Island. But the animals, which outnumber hunters more than 10 to 1, take advantage of the miserable weather and congregate in hard-to-reach spots.Paxson Woelber
Dented ’80s-era pickups -- rear windows reconstructed from Visqueen and duct tape, engine hoses bound in place with baling wire, beds still encrusted with years of firewood detritus -- occasionally appear as online “bargains” to be snapped up by Dillingham newbies Clark Fair