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We Alaskans

Alaskans of any political persuasion can agree that we should get to name our own state’s highest mountain, currently misnamed Mount McKinley. And Sen.-elect Sullivan is uniquely positioned to do something about it.

Rick Sinnott
When we eye each other outside the library, I imagine we’re sizing each other up, recognizing a being as intelligent and resilient as we are, and agreeing to a truce. Courtney Cousins | KNOM
That first winter I could put my hand up to a poorly sealed door and feel the draft of cold air surging in. It seemed like some sort of osmotic pressure of the great limitless cold of an Arctic night bearing down on me and my little cabin. My tiny space of wonderful warmth constantly under threat. Patrick Green
Debbie Miller's book offers a 143-page glimpse into Alaska's National Petroleum Reserve through stunning images and thought-provoking essays covering a four-year span when Miller and a team of writers, photographers and scientists trekked and paddled through Arctic wilderness in the reserve.Jillian Rogers | The Arctic Sounder
“Animal Stories” isn’t meant to be a guidebook to Alaska wildlife, but it might very well be used as one. Throughout, author Bill Sherwonit's observations are acute and philosophical.Nancy Lord
Eager to please, I tried mother’s fruitcake every year and just about every year there would be a neglected slice on the fruitcake plate with one bite taken out. As the youngest, the baby, I will admit that the thing I wanted most was to put a smile on Mom’s face and continue to be her favorite.Laureli Ivanoff
Spread out the maps and start dreaming. In winter, Alaska explorers pore over maps, imagining the possibilities of next year's trip. Erin McKittrick
He moved massively, like a monstrous raised turtle, slinging his forepaws in looping, pigeon-toed strides. His sloping hindquarters shuffled along behind as if they had difficulty keeping up with the rest of him. His shoulders bulged with crawling movements, and he swung his grizzled head from side to side.Sam Keith
I've learned more about graceful movement and gentleness from their actions than from anything I've ever read about them. By being in a 13-foot inflatable skiff and having a 40-foot female swim three feet underneath my feet, I've learned more about forbearance and delicacy than I have from anything published by Greenpeace.John Straley
The hero here is Barry Goldwater, and in him, author Barry Allen Drake presents what might be a model for drawing conservatives back into the environmental movement, which they originally started. It’s a hard sell, but as Alaska’s recent election highlights, the market for preservation is there among conservatives.David A. James